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If you're left with sinking cakes or crumbling cookies, don't despair.
Just type in your query and Niru Gupta will get back to you.

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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


Hello mam,
I have two questions regarding baking:
1.if i prepare a batter for cake and my oven does not have the capacity of two tins can i keep the batter for about 40 mins and then bake the second cake.
2.Can i use margarine or low fat spreads which are less salty in baking cakes, tarts etc..
Query posted by : Ranjita on 10-Dec-2013

1. Not the ideal thing to do, but most of us have to do it sometimes. I do it too, not for too long though. Up to an hour is fine.
2. Yes you can.

Hello mam,
whenever i bake (cakes, cupcakes) with adding milk, the top crust becomes very sticky to touch, is it always happens with addition of milk or hot water also.There are few recipes on your site which asks for hot water same thing happens please help thanking you in advance

Query posted by : Ranjita on 5-Dec-2013

Just bake it a little longer. Sometimes ovens differ so you have to adjust the time and temperature.

Hello mam,
I would want to know if you are doubling the quantity of ingredients in a recipe given for baking cakes for example instead of 1 cup of maida you are using 2 cups should we double the baking time also.
Query posted by : Ranjita on 1-Dec-2013

Not the baking time. In microwaving the timing has to be increased, according to instructions in the manual.

Madam, i am planning to sell soups through retail counter across the city of hyderabad with initial 5 counter, i am 0% knowledge in the recipes that to make soups, but i am very confident that i can success in this project only with your great support, so kindly suggest in this regards..... truly Chary.
Query posted by : D L N CHARY on 11-Nov-2013

Sorry Chary,
I am only used to domestic recipes so unfortunately I cannot help you in commercial ventures.

Dear Niru,

I have 2 very important question about baking a simple cake.

Whenever I bake cake, the centre of the cake remains uncooked while the rest of the cake is perfectly baked. How can I solve this problem?

The second question is, when the baking is over, the dry fruits of the cake stick at the bottom layer . I want them to scatter here and there . Can you plz fix the problem?

Thanks in advance..


Query posted by : Swagata Ghosh on 6-Nov-2013

1. This happens when you fill the tin more than half. Should be only half filled.

2. If the batter is thin, it will sink. Also you have to dust the fruit with flour before adding them. In case your recipe has a thin batter, you can sprinkle the fruit half way through the baking, in which case some will sink half way while some will stay on top.

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