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If you're left with sinking cakes or crumbling cookies, don't despair.
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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


I followed yr recipe of lemon souffle in ndtvcooks.com. The 'custard' was very watery and dId not become coating consistency even after a lot of heating in the double boiler. Should I put 1 1/4 cup water or less
Query posted by : Ritu on 18-Jul-2013

Lemon souffle is thin because there is no fruit juice. When slightlly thicker, leave it to rest and when it cools it should start to set. If it does not, it means the gelatine is probably ineffective. Try a fresh packet or increase the gelatine to 1 1/2 tbsp.

Hallo mam.. Wnevr i bake cake it gets moist n i like dry cake.. I try eggles cake usn milkmaid.. N i ve lg microwave n i bake on 180 degree Celsius but it remains uncookd from middle.. Plz suggest me right recepie for eggles cake..
Query posted by : aarti mishra on 10-Jul-2013


Hello mam,

I would like to know what measuring cups you use, how many gms does a 1 cup has
Query posted by : Ranjita Pathak on 9-Jul-2013

The one in which 1 cup = 240g

south indian sambar & curry reciepes please.
Query posted by : Rathna Rao on 3-Jul-2013

they are already on site, please browse with the search engine.

can i use micro grill combination mode for preparing the hariyali kabab? if yes please tellme the time settings for that. are all type of kababs done in grill and convection mode?
Query posted by : paromita on 25-Jun-2013

Yes kababs are best made in a convection mode if you are not using a grill. About 5 minutes with turning should be enough.

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