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If you're left with sinking cakes or crumbling cookies, don't despair.
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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


thank u so much niru ji.....can we add 1/2 cup dahi instead of 1 egg in every recipe which uses egg .and can we make every cake in pressure cooker by following this procedure.
Query posted by : madhu on 5-May-2013

1/4 cup of dahi for each egg for any recipe.

neeru ji suggest any icing for aata cake .
Query posted by : madhu on 5-May-2013

Here are some basic icings which can be used for all cakes according to taste:

in Wholewheat (Atta)Cake in preparation u have mentioned about soda, dalchini, jaiphal. ple.tell the quantity
Query posted by : madhu on 5-May-2013

The quantities have been mentioned in the recipe.

how can i make Wholewheat (Atta)Cake in a pressure cooker without eggs ?
Query posted by : madhu on 3-May-2013

In the following recipe, instead of 2 eggs, add 1/2 cup yogurt/dahi


is cornflour makki ka aata.
Query posted by : madhu on 3-May-2013

No. It is a differently processed flour.

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