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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


how can i use mayonies ?


can you give me a some idea for make a receipi with potato, corn, carrot & paner.

please ............ because i wan't to participate in rasoi show.
so please......... give me a some idea mam.
Query posted by : darshna on 9-Jan-2013

Mayonnaise is mostly used in salads and sandwiches.

Til Aloo Corn Pattice
Filling made with corn, paneer and carrots
Potatoes, boiled and peeled 500 g
Bread 1 slice
Salt 1 tsp or to taste
Safed til (White sesame seeds) to coat, about cups
Oil for deep- frying

1. Make a spiced mixture (Like a sookhi sabzi) with finely chopped paneer, corn and carrots for the filling.
2. Grate the potatoes; along with the bread add the rest of the salt, the pepper and mash well till smooth.
3. Shape potato mixture into round walnut sized balls, flatten a little, fill with some of the prepared mixture, and close into a ball again, using water if mixture sticks.
4. Roll balls into the til and keep aside, ready to fry.
5. Before serving heat the oil for deep- frying and fry to a light brown over high heat. Drain over absorbent paper, and serve hot.

how to prepare gharam masala powder?
Query posted by : fharveen on 16-Dec-2012

I have two recipes on site:




Vrat khana: hariyali paneer
Uses green masala. There is no recipe for this.
Do put this up on your Website!
Query posted by : Aarti on 13-Dec-2012

Again a matter of format:
It is given under 'Green Masala' which comes as an ingredient

pizza dough
Query posted by : geeta sudan on 12-Dec-2012

Pizza Dough
2 cups (240 g) maida (refined flour)
1 tsp dry yeast or 10 g compressed (frozen) yeast
tsp sugar
tsp salt
1 tsp olive oil
Water to mix the dough

1. For the dough, dissolve sugar in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water. Sprinkle dry yeast over the water, and if using compressed yeast, dissolve it in the water. Leave in a draught-free place to froth. It should froth within 10-15 minutes. In case it does not, you know that your yeast is ineffective, hence, change your packet.
2. Add the salt to the maida and rub the oil into it. Pour the yeast solution into it, along with some water. Mix the dough and knead it into smooth, but not stiff dough, using water as required.
3. Place the dough in a greased, deep utensil. Cover the utensil with a thick, damp cloth or cling foil. Place in a warm draught-free place to rise.
4. When the dough rises, punch it in the centre, smoothen it and leave to rise once again. The second rise will take a much shorter time. To test, press into the dough lightly and the impression should fill up gradually.

In the pasta dough recipe do we have to fry the dough at last because pasta is hard?
Query posted by : Shreya agrawal on 1-Dec-2012

You do not fry the dough at all. You knead the dough, shape it and boil it before using it. Are you not following a recipe?

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