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If you're left with sinking cakes or crumbling cookies, don't despair.
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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


I bake cakes in microwave convection mode the sides of the cake does not get browned only top of the cake gets browned

please help me
Query posted by : Anjali on 14-Feb-2017

Well only the exposed part will get brown. Provided the whole top gets brown, it is alright.

Mam .. ....ive got cooking competition in my college and need win....im planning to do chettinad. As per your instructions I've made chettinad masala but don't know for which recipe to use moreover can you give me advice on combinations in chettinad.I would be more thankful to you
Query posted by : Iswarya on 28-Oct-2016

Iswarya, I do not know too much about Chettinad cooking to give you a lot of options. But you could make Chicken or fish:

You can make a paste of the masala with a little curd or vinegar and marinate the fish or chicken. then you make a masala of tomato and onions and cook the chicken or fish in it. Or for a dry preparation after marinating for 3-4 hours pan fry and cook.

I have read your recipe to make white butter.

my ques is to make white butter i need a certain quantity of malai so how to collect and store malai so that it retain its natural ingredients.

thanks for replying and thank you for such nice recipies
Query posted by : meena bhatia on 18-Jul-2016

I just collect it in a bowl with a cover, refrigerated. I would keep it for a maximum of five-six days.

what quantity should be enough for replacing of one egg with curd
Query posted by : meenu on 11-May-2016

1/4 cup (60 gms)

Hello Mam, pl suggest a menu for 25 people, veg & nonveg both eaters,
Thanks & best wishes,
Query posted by : Chitra Shiralkar on 17-Mar-2016

Here are 3 alternatives:

Murgh Makhani                       Daal Gosht                                    Prawn Curry
Paneer Cutlet                          Paneer Makhani                            Mattar Paneer
Ghutti Gobhi                            Baigan ka bharta                           Simla Mirch Aloo
Vegetable Biryani                    Mattarwale Chawal                        Vegetable Biryani
Boondi Raita                           Dahi Bhalla                                   Cachoomber Raita
Roti/Naan                               Naan/Tandoori Roti                         Saada Parantha/Phulk
Gulab jamun                            Kheer                                            Gajar ka Halwa

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