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If you're left with sinking cakes or crumbling cookies, don't despair.
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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


My khaman dhokla doesn't come out as soft as we see in the market
What could be the reason.
Query posted by : Pooja Sachdev on 14-Feb-2016

Either it has not risen enough (khameer) or your rising agent is not fresh.

how to increase shelf life of cakes plum fruit chocolate pound etc
Query posted by : Priya on 16-Jan-2016

They should be packed in airtight packing and refrigerated. Even cut cakes should be always kept covered well so they do not dry.

Hello Ma'am,
I have been trying to make cake in microwave for a long time. But the upper part is becoming crisp and the cake is also cracking in between but the entire cake in remaining raw. I am preheating the microwave along with the baking tin at 180 degree centigrate for 2 mins and then baking the cake at the same temperature for 30 mins, still the cake is not being baked. Plz help.
Query posted by : Aradhya sengupta on 3-Jan-2016

You seem to be baking in a regular oven mode and not microwave. it does not take that long. Go to this url, even thought it is an eggless cake, the one with eggs is also bakes similarly. :

mam i am a big fan of your recipe. i have read your recipe of making rusk .but i have not understand that why dough is leave for rise up many time? what is reason behind it and please give me recipe of rusk in Hindi.

Query posted by : meet gupta on 3-Oct-2015

Makes it lighter.

Hello mam,plz suggest me how to preserve corn which is available in vegetables market known as bhutta for making dishes like corn palak,corn pizza henceforth. ..pizza help me out
Query posted by : Shilpy on 4-Oct-2015

You can parboil and then freeze it.

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