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Archives of Queries replied by Niru Gupta


Test Comment by Neha
Query posted by : Neha Vasa on 20-May-2019

This has been working fine. When she clicked on 'comments' on site, it did not open up.

Hello! Your "Everyday Indian" is my favorite cookbook, I have been cooking out of it for years. I'm not Indian, so I would like to know if your fasting book is vegetarian? I'd like menu based vegaetarian cookbook. Also, in the recipe Jeere Ke Chawal, did you mean that you ate this with the red masala used as a chutney? Or did you mean that something is cooked in the red masala and eaten with the rice dish. ? Thankyou!

Query posted by : Polly Zahari on 14-Mar-2019

Thank you Polly. Yes the fasting book is vegetarian, and in fact is non-cereal also.
Jeere ke chawal is a preparation of rice which can accompany many dishes. It is very lightly spiced so does not clash with any spices. Is good with plain yogurt also.

I would like to buy your books. how can i buy them from you?

i can either pay online or at the time of delivery in Delhi.

4 books
vrat ka khana
no onion no garlic
cook my dear
Cooking the UP way.

i will send you a mail from my email address also. i need the books by 5th November. would appreciate your prompt response.

best regards,

Query posted by : AMITA MAZUMDAR on 23-Oct-2018

Awaiting your reply.

hi need gatta recipe please
Query posted by : geeta on 9-Sep-2018

In my UP Cooking book

Hello Sir
We have a manufacturing unit in Karnal (Haryana) named as "Goodrich". We had planned to set up a new project which is stuffed parantha, the project is under process before we move further in this project we want to finalize the recipes of paranthas from the master's of this segment. Please feel free to contact us on 09813333347
Thank you

Query posted by : Chanderkant Matta on 29-May-2018

Thank you for contacting me.

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