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Recipes by Niru Gupta

Aloo ka Parantha (Potato stuffed Fried flat bread) Basic White Bread (Double Roti)
Bhatura (All purpose flour, leavened bread, deep fried) Bread Rolls
Bread Sticks Grilled Mushroom-Cheese ‘Diamonds’
Herbed Fingers Khasta Roti (Rich, flat bread)
Kootoo ke Paranthe (fried buck wheat bread) Kulcha (Flat ovened baked bread with leavened dough)
Makki di Roti (Corn meal flat bread) Meethi Roti (Rich sweetened flat bread)
Methi Ka Parantha (Fenugreek flavoured fried flat bread) Naan (Flat baked bread from leavened dough)
Poorie (deep fried whole wheat bread) Pudina Parantha (Mint flavoured fried flat bread)
Raagi aur methi ki roti (Millet and fenugreek flat bread) Roomali Roti (thin 'handkerchief' bread, folded and served)
Roti/Phulka/Chapati (Indian flat wholewheat bread) Saada Parantha (Plain fried whole wheat bread)
Savoury Egg Toast (Ande mein lipti double roti) Thepla (thin pan fried flat bread with chick pea flour and wheat)
Tortillas Whole Wheat (Atta) Bread

Recipes Contributed by Visitors

beetroot paratha (Beetroot stuffed fried flat bread) Bread roll ups
Guthma roti (special thick crisp flat bread)
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